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Slack fights for your attention

Slack fights for your attention

You should not immediately drop what you're doing when you're pinged on Slack.Todo allows you to quickly add a message to your list that you will clear at your convenience. Don't let distractions disrupt your deep work.

Elephant never forgets a face

Elephant never forgets a face

Now you'll never forget a task.

Have you ever had to apologize because you forgot to do something you were asked for? I have. It's awkward. Both for you and the person that had to remind you about it.
Elephant is still cooler, though. No offence.

Don't leave Slack

Don't leave Slack

Do you know why right now it's so hard to save things that come up in Slack? Resistance. With Todo it's always just two clicks away.

But I already use…

But I already use…

…Trello, Asana, Jira, or other.

Great! As you should. Todo doesn't replace those tools, it complements them. Most requests that come up on Slack don't require making changes to your sprint, or going through whatever flow you have there. Todo is a path of least resistance in making it happen.

All this to help you regain calm

All this to help you regain calm

Can you be truly relaxed if there's a constant process at the back of your head wondering if there's something you forgot? And hoping it's not that important?


Create task from message

Don't waste time rewriting requirements. Create task directly from message and move on, to work on it whenever you have the time, on your own terms.


Don't lose track of what's important. With App Home you can see all your tasks at one glance in three groups: Overdue, Today and Future. You probably should check Overdue tasks first.


Todo will send you a Direct Message to remind you about your due tasks.

Complete, archive, or delete

Complete your tasks when they're done. Changed your mind and not going to finish this task? Archive it. Want to get rid of the task completely? Delete it after archiving.


Assign your teammate to a task, so they don't have to take the time to write your request down. They'll receive a notification, the task will show up in their App Home, and they'll get reminders when needed.

Leave notes

Slack message is missing some info? Just include a note for better description.

Get progress notifications

Each task can have watchers. They're the stakeholders interested in the task's status. They'll receive Direct Message notifications whenever the task is updated, or completed. They can view all the tasks they're watching in their App Home and they can unwatch the tasks they're no longer interested in.

Your channel can be your project

Your can collaborate on public tasks with your teammates. Assign your project channel to a task and it'll be visible on /todo list slash command.

Personal tasks

Want your task to remain private? No problem. Assign yourself, or Todo bot, as a project and you're all good. Remember not to include watchers!

Personal settings

Configure Todo for your specific needs. Set your special reminders times and define default behaviour.

Global shortcut

Modal to create new task is always just two clicks away.

Slash commands

Feeling nostalgic for old-time bots? Todo is compatible with the '90s and you can use slash commands if you want.

🌱Free🏋️$12.50 / 50 users / monthbilled annually or $15.00 / 50 users month-to-month
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Questions and answers

How does the trial work?After you install Todo you will, automatically, have 7-day, free trial enabled. No credit card required. During this time you can use all the premium features. After 7 days your subscription will be changed to free. You can then decide if you want to pay, or use the free plan. All your tasks remain safe regardless of your plan.

Do I have to pay after trial?No. After 7 days trial you will automatically move to the free plan.

How long can I use free plan?Forever. Free plan is limited in features, but can be used indefinitely.

I have 10/50/100/500 users in my Slack, how much do I pay?You pay $12.50 for each 50 users that are in your Slack workspace: for example if you have 123 members in your team you will pay $37.50 per month with annual billing. Users in your workspace are recounted at the end of each billing period. Bots, disabled and guest users are not counted for billing.