Handle any queue from a Slack channel

No matter if it's a console tournament or a meeting agenda, Queue is the easiest way to synchronize your teams and easily answer the question: “Who should take care of it this time?”
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Never again: “Whose turn is it?”

You don’t have to point fingers to find a developer for the on-call shift, rotate meeting coordinator, and decide who should take care of customer support tickets. With Queue you can start managing your queues directly in Slack. Install it at your team’s workspace and enable Queue for all your team members. Let’s go!
Manage queue for unlimited users

Manage queue for unlimited users

Have a full control over shifts and turns. You can add unlimited users to one queue and be sure things move forward as intended.
Assign new person for every new day, week, or month

Assign new person for every new day, week, or month

If you want to have one person assigned to a task for a limited time, like customer support, or meeting coordination, you can easily set it up with Queue.
Automate as much of your work as you can

Automate as much of your work as you can

Focus on things that really matter, and leave task coordination to smart Slack bots. Your brain is needed for real work.

Join and leave the queue

Create queue on any channel and let other people use it

Give a custom title to the queue

You can customize your queue and describe it as you wish

Setup notification for people that are leading queue for too long

Define custom actions with timer: notify, remove or move to the end first person in a queue

Remove user from queue manually

Someone forgot to leave the queue? Remove the user with kick command


  • Unlimited queues
  • Maximum 3 users in each queue
per 50 workspace members
billed annually or $5 month-to-month
  • Unlimited users in a queue
  • Removing other users from a queue
  • Queue leader timeout
  • Timout actions
  • Queue rotations
  • Admin permissions
  • Email & chat support
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7-day Premium trial
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Questions and Answers

How does the trial work?
After you install Queue you will, automatically, have 7-day, free trial enabled. No credit card required. During this time you can use all the premium features. After 7 days your subscription will be changed to free. You can then decide if you want to pay, or use the free plan.
I have 10/50/100/500 users in my Slack, how much do I pay?
You pay $4.16 for each 50 users that are in your Slack workspace: for example if you have 123 members in your team you will pay $12.50 per month with annual billing. Users in your workspace are recounted at the end of each billing period. Bots, disabled and guest users are not counted for billing.
How long can I use free plan?
Forever. Free plan is limited in features, but can be used indefinitely.
Do I have to pay after trial?
No. After 7 days trial you will automatically move to the free plan.