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Queue - The easiest way to synchronize your dependent tasks

  • Create one queue per Slack channel for as many people as you want

  • Get direct notification when it is your turn to take the action

  • Never waste time on asking people around to synchronize your work

Want some examples of use cases for your team?

  • Modern workspace office

    • Organize ping-pong or game tournament
    • Book a conference room for your next big meeting
    • Share office movables like books and electronics
    • Set up an office cleaning routine
  • Development

    • Coordinate big merges between developers
    • Queue your tasks during large integration
    • Let your team know when you returned a shared testing device
    • Schedule server access
  • Business

    • Decide on who's running your next planning
    • Let your teammate know when you finished work on your part of the article
    • Schedule on-call shifts
    • Slate who is hosting the next meetup
  • Remote work

    • Rotate your online university consultations
    • Keep your school tasks in order
    • Track your office hours duty
    • Schedule slack channel moderation and maintenance




  • Unlimited queues
  • Maximum 3 users in each queue
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Premium $5 / month / workspace


  • Flat rate regardless of how many users are in your Slack Workspace
  • Unlimited users in a queue
  • Removing other users from a queue
  • Queue leader timeout
  • Email & chat support
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