Control your team budget and expenses in Slack

Still swapping Slack messages and running big Excel sheets to calculate your travelling, books, and education spend? The Expenses bot will make budget tracking 10x easier, more efficient, and bearable 🐻

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💎 7-day Premium trial
💳️ No credit card required
Full transparency
What’s the budget and how much is already gone? Your team can keep track of their expenses without disturbing you with regular questions.
Team budget automation
A team member submits their request and you just accept or reject it. The calculations happen automatically.
Easy access to data
You don’t have to worry that an invoice or budget request will get lost in emails. You have full control over your team's spend without leaving Slack.

Customize the flow so it works for YOU

Expenses bot automates budget management for small and middle-size businesses. Assign people to teams and categories. Define budgets and approval requirements. One-time setup. Lifetime relief.


Define team’s budget

Choose limits, renewal time, team, and authorized people. Each budget has its own management groups so different managers are in charge of different budget categories.

Submit an expense

Adding a new expense will take a few seconds. Add a name, cost, date, and you’re done. Reporting a travel spend should not be another distraction for your colleagues!

Attach receipt

Store receipts and invoices directly in Slack, no need to use anything else!

Expense actions for managers

Supervise expenses in your managed budgets. Every employee expense can be queued until you approve, or reject it. No more inappropriate spendings that don't fit into the budget type.

Data import and export

Do you want to visualize the budgets, spendings or perform some custom calculations on them? Export your dataset for external analysis!
Are you migrating from another expense management system? You can import historical data easily!
Psst: advanced dashboard with statistic for managers will come in future.

Access management

Define Expenses administrators for your workspace, and managers for your budgets. No more bottlenecks and waiting for one person to approve expenses!


Free forever or pay for active users in workspace

Starter plan

Free forever
  • 10 expenses per month
  • Unlimited budgets
  • Multiple currencies
  • Budget limits
  • Custom managers per budget
  • Receipt tracking
  • Expense approvals/rejections
  • Data import/export

Premium 👑

$0.83/per user (annually or $1 month-to-month)
  • Everything in free plan plus
  • Unlimited expenses
💎 7-day Premium trial
💳 No credit card required

Questions and Answers

How does the trial work?
After you install Expenses you will automatically have 7-day, free trial enabled. No credit card required. During this time you can use all the premium features. After 7 days your subscription will be changed to free. You can then decide if you want to pay, or use the free plan. All your expenses remain safe regardless of your plan.
I have 10/50/100/500 users in my Slack, how much do I pay?
You pay for each user that is registered in your workspace. Billing amount is updated before each payment based on number of users in your Slack workspace. Bots and guest users are not counted for billing.
How long can I use free plan?
Forever. Free plan is limited in features, but can be used indefinitely.
Do I have to pay after trial?
No. After 7 days trial you will automatically move to the free plan.