Smart Slack bots for teams!

Become more productive and organized
Slack Teams
Stop wasting time on things that can be automated and let your team focus on real work instead.
Using ubots means no more fuss over ordering lunch or coordinating everyday tasks. Communication in a key to success. We want to help you improve it, so you can focus on other things.
Our Key Bots
Track employee expenses in Slack
  • Create budgets and define limits
  • Add budget managers
  • Give your employees ability to track expenses and attach receipts
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Create tasks and receive real-time notifications. Increase your and your team's productivity every day!
  • Create daily to-do list inside Slack for you and your team members
  • Add deadlines and get notifications at the most convinient time
  • Instantly send information to your manager and team when you finished the task
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Coordinate everyday work lunches without annoyance of splitting bills and deciding who's paying.
  • Tighten your relations with coworkers by eating together
  • Save money by making large orders in restaurants
  • Meet new people and new eating places
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Synchronize deployments, on-call rotation or office hours. Queue will help you to manage time-dependent tasks in your daily routine.
  • Create one queue per Slack channel for as many people as you want
  • Get direct notification when it is your turn to take the action
  • Never waste time on asking people around to synchronize your work
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